Lecture Series

Seattle Research Institute

We brought the Seattle Research Institute to town, January 11th at 8pm. SRI presented a series of aphorisms entitled, "The Public History of the Secret". It was a short evening of dense Marxist shit.

About SRI

Here's some information about SRI from their website:

The Seattle Research Institute provides a cover for a group of intellectuals and artists spatially located in the Northwest. Cover as in lid: the name is a rubric to refer our activities, but leaves open what those activities are: it does not contain them. Cover as in camouflage as well: to help us slither across the smooth surfaces of an endlessly bureaucratic landscape without getting caught for being "too interesting" or, alternatively, "not serious enough." Cover as in coat: we hope it wears well. Generic though they are, we do have a minimal set of claims to put forward. Call this a preamble.

Seattle: Location matters, be it geographic, spatial or temporal. We live and work in Seattle but we are interested in much more than Seattle. We take the Northwest as a vantage point on the world, not as an entity that needs to be endlessly elucidated for its own sake.

Research: We will do more than publish books with elegant sentences. Our activities will be characterized by a weird alloy of the playful and the critical. We have sworn unstable and contradictory allegiances to the rarefied heights of aesthetic dandyism and to the unbridled passions of revolutionary fervor. There are no coherent answers for a contradictory world.

Institute: Our institutionalization is, at the moment, strictly performative. In this respect, the Institute exemplifies the logic of postmodern assembly: "Make it so" can make it so. However, we will not be bound by this logic. We strive for opportunities to become an instituting institution, one that creates new possibilities for seeing, thinking, being, and living: that is, for expressing what can only be called a universal perseverance of things to exist.