Lecture Series

John Hoppin Lecture Announcement

Subject: John Hoppin Lecture at The Lab Tuesday June 4th 7:30pm!!! 

Hello people of Portland,

I'm going to be coordinating a loose lecture series based on when art
related people I know visit Portland. The first lecturer will be
artist/curator John Hoppin from Oakland, Ca. John was a student of
mine at CCAC, and distinguished himself as being overly informed,
generous, and highly misunderstood by the people around him (including
sometimes me). He is both post-art and totally Art at the same time,
sort of like a Zen master or something. Here he is in his own words:

as for the topic of the lecture i have a few ideas:

1. My collection.  I have a lot of art and ephemera but mostly things
that are like art that mean a lot to me that I can discuss in relation
to my practice (as a artist/curator).  So basically a kind of tour of
"everything that I like".

2. I can give a lecture about It Can Change in relation to social
sculpture and interpersonal aesthetics.  Presenting the project in a
slide-driven manner.  This lecture begins with some lines from the
second Canto of Purgatorio, where the Poet and Virgil are standing on
the shore-- "We were as yet by the sea-shore, like those who travel in
their minds as their bodies stay put."  The anarchic power of the

Maybe I can give a lot of lectures at once.

John Hoppin is a curator and writer from Oakland, CA.  He co-founded
the artist collective It Can Change with Anthony Marcellini in 2000.
He lives in the dining room of a cooperative living environment called
the "Bug House."  With regards to the mother sauces of French cuisine,
his production of white sauce was mastered in the winter of 2001, and
he has moved on to brown sauce with plans to master it in the summer
of 2002.

The lecture will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday June 4th (bring
something to drink if you want, I find slightly drunk audiences more
receptive).  Jess Hilliard will be introducing John.  The location: Ye
Dirty Olde Lab Shoppe.

I hope you can make it,


p.s. please pass this info on to other possibly interested peoples.