Lecture Series

Lecture Series

The Lecture Series is an experiment in education, entertainment, and art. We throw lectures that cover topics such as horticulture, graffiti, and housing. Lectures are accompanied by drinking, and hands-on activities that have included an animation station for making your own videos; dream analysis; and a natural history museum. Most of our lectures are held in an undisclosed location in Portland, Oregon.

Three Lectures and a Funeral Sunday, March 7, 9pm at Reed

Join your pals at the Lecture Series for an evening of presentations by all-star performers! Witness presentations by Charles Mudede of the Seattle Stranger, mind-blowing bio-collector Mike Wilder, and Dick Anderson, extraordinary gadfly and thinker! Hear the unveiling of the brand-new Lecture Theme song, written and performed by Perika and Matt!

Sunday, March 7, 9pm
Reed College, Student Union Building
$2-$5 admission (free to Reed Community)

For more information see the annoucement and the Reed Arts Week website.

Past Events

The giant whaleAmbassidors from the Sea
August 22, 2003 Featuring The Freeing of Willy by Amos Latteier, Dolphins Dreams by Alex Hubbard, Franz Pritchard, and Eileen Finn, My Experiences with Sea Mammals Moe Bowstern, and a giant whale.

MushroomEat, Drink
May 24, 2003 Featuring The Hunt for the Humongous Fungus by Andrew Dickson, Working in a Green Bean Cannery by Matthew Yake, The Dining Experience by Michael Hebb, and Giving Context to Your Food by Robert Reynolds.

MagicLand mailboxMagicLand
March 1, 2003 Featuring MagicLand series of slide lectures and videos curated and hosted by novelist and gadfly Matthew Stadler, including a Secret Portal to our own temporary MagicLand.

Lecture series zip-line in useTransportation
November 9, 2002 Featuring The Advent of the American Highway, or How the Bicycle Suburbanized the Farmer by Eileen Finn, Birds and Gods by Amos Latteier, Secrets of Cargo Exchange by Capra J'neva, and a zip-line.

Adjusting the telescopeAstronomy Field Trip
September 7-8, 2002 Featuring a trip to the Goldendale Observatory, a geodesic dome building workshop, a visit to the fake Stonehenge, and a rousing game of capture the flag.

Lobster DrawingFlora and Fauna
July 27, 2002 Featuring Hybrid Animals by Alyssa Isenstein, The Home Taxidermist by Tedra Demitriou, and Curare Blow-Dart Monkey Slaughter by Thomas Delinks

Dignity VillageBuildings, Communities, and Pods
June 8, 2002 Featuring The Rural Studio by Andrew Olds and Ross Lackey, Dignity Village Tour by Jack Tafari, and Columbia Villa by Mark Hansen.

David LynchLynch and Freud
May 4, 2002 Featuring David Lynch's Mulholland Drive and Freudian Wish Fulfillment Theory by Jim Lyons, Audio Twin Peaks and Northwest Identity by Harriet Klein (Camela Raymond), and Hypnotherapy Explained by Hans Solbrig.

Lego BuildingInaugural Lecture
March 30, 2002 Featuring Video Model Notes by Amos Latteier, Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, presented by Karrin Ellertson, and Creating a Burner by Nathan Childs.

Blazers Mini-lecture
February 15, 2003

Seattle Research Institute Mini-lecture
January 11, 2003

Bryan Konefsky Mini-lecture
November 29, 2002

Jim Drain Mini-lecture
August 7, 2002

John Hoppin Mini-lecture
June 4, 2002

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